16 June 2010

Goodbye Luscious

My partner woke me to some terrible news this morning: our friend Luscious has died suddenly. Luscious, also known as Elizabeth Baxter in the real world, and Frito Lay in the Chubster world, lived in Toronto and was a part of a community of badass and highly rad fat queers living there and elsewhere. I knew her through Nolose and she was close friends with some of my friends. She's part of my community too.

I don't see Luscious very often because we live a long way away from each other but I just saw her last week. Last Friday I was pestering her to cook for me when I next go to Toronto. She was hiring a car to go and see the Californian coast, she'd never been there before. It's so weird having recent memories of her that are so full of life. Earlier memories of Luscious include seeing her make out with two high femmes in a hot tub simultaneously and effortlessly!

It's appalling and unbelievable that Luscious is dead, we all need funny, sexy, sweet, generous people like her in our lives. She is irreplaceable.

I don't have much else to say at the moment other than to suggest we all send our best love to her people, who are hurting very badly right now and are in deep shock.


Piffle said...

My condolences, hold hard to the good memories, they'll get you through the hard times ahead.

lilacsigil said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've lost a friend and, from the sound of it, the world has lost a terrific person.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Charlotte. Means a lot to see this. XO

Charlotte Cooper said...

Much love to you and yours Chelsey. Keep going. xxxxx

phembot said...

Thanks Charlotte,
She will definitely be missed in the community, and has indeed touched many many lives.

DeE aka phembot