13 March 2010

Diet Songs: Diet Pepsi

The original jingle is a classic of the over-orchestrated, highly shrieked diet pop variety of the mid-80s. It starts off quite intimately before turning into a horrible, wince-inducing crescendo. There are too many words in it too, which adds to the feeling of breathless exhaustion when you're listening to it.

As always in diet songs, the lyrics are creepy and insidious. It all hinges on a teeny-tiny, elusive calorie. Food consisting of one small calorie is a good thing! I resent references to 'that great Pepsi taste,' it's a bit over-presumptuous, as though they're sure I already agree that this stuff tastes fantastic. Bah.

Simon recorded a track in a register that was a bit too low for my natural singing voice. The first takes sounded weak, but then we had the idea to layer a load of tracks to give it more strength. It gives me a monster voice, which I really like, and which suits the monstrous nature of the jingle. The whole thing reminds me of a somewhat obscure single by The Captain Howdy (featuring Kramer and Penn Jillette) called The Best Song Ever Written, which came out on Shimmy Disc in the early 90s.

Diet Songs: Diet Pepsi by Charlotte Cooper + Simon Murphy (.mp3, 473kb)

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Kay said...


This sounds so great! I love the picture of the one small calorie too.

Charlotte Cooper said...

Thanks Kay.

wonderful woman said...

You're going to do a gig of these when you've got a set's worth, right?

Charlotte Cooper said...

Ooh, that's a good idea.

wonderful woman said...

think of the costume opportunities!!!

Phil Johnson said...

.............long time babes !

Phil Johnson said...


Charlotte Cooper said...

Phil! Love!

I wrote about you yesterday: