13 October 2008

How to document fat activist histories

Please remember to document the things you do. Without documentation our history is lost, we are none the wiser, and we start to believe things that aren't true.

Some ways in which you can preserve the things you've done:

  • Publish a zine or a pamphlet and lodge it with a library or archive. Lodge your old publications in the same way. Look for local, national, or specialist places, or send your work to all of them. If you have a collection of personal letters, diaries, or other fat activist-related papers, look for archives that accept that kind of material too.
  • Try and get things published. This could be anything from a letter to a newspaper to a three-volume encyclopedia of fat. try and put things in the public domain in such a way that they can be viewed and referenced.
  • If you give a talk or a workshop, make sure there is some kind of documentation that can be published somewhere.
  • If you publish things online, try and make sure that your pages are archived somewhere, on The Wayback Machine, for example http://www.archive.org/web/web.php
  • Be imaginative, create a paper trail for your activism, create evidence that it happened.
  • Don't keep things to yourselves, consider the people of the future, across the world, in outer space, who will need to know that you existed and that you did the stuff you did.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog title

Charlotte Cooper said...

@fatadelic: Thanks! BOOM!