09 November 2015

How to support Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement

I am publishing a book about fat activism (edited to add, it's out now! Get it here) that I think is original and powerful. People who have read it agree so far, you can see some of their comments on the publisher's website. The book is due out in January, aka diet season.

HammerOn Press is a small affair. There is no publicity department or generous expenses allowance. It is me and another person. We need your help in getting this book out into the world. If you've ever felt indebted to me, now's your chance for payback!

You don't have to have masses of time or money, you don't need to know loads of people, small actions make a difference. Does this need to be said? I'll say it anyway: you don't have to be fat to do any of this. The main thing is that you would like to support a book about fat activism so that it can do its work.

Please let me know if you have other ideas and contacts. DO NOT BE SHY ABOUT CONTACTING ME.

No money, no time

Tweet about the book, Instagram the cover, take and post a selfie.

Add me to your Facebook and Twitter and share stuff I post about the book.

No money, some time

Contact all the libraries you know and ask them to order a copy. Read the book. Borrow the book as many times as you like.

Blog the book.

Give me testimonials that I can use in book publicity.

Make art about the book and show it to people.

Nominate my book for an award.

Review my book for a website, magazine, newspaper, podcast, radio show, TV show, YouTube channel, book-selling website, cereal box, in fact anywhere that does reviews.

Write a better book and cite my book.

Write a paper and cite my book.

Write and tell me what you thought about the book.

Research how to promote a book about fat people with no money and few people and tell me what you find out.

Some money, no time

Buy copies of the book for all your friends.

Buy copies of the book to donate to organisations you care about. This could include prisoners' reading schemes, queer and feminist archives, fat activist groups, whatever floats your boat.

Tweet and social media the shit out of the book.

Some money, some time

Buy and read the book.

Invite me to speak about the book. I am a really good public speaker.

Organise an event supporting the book.

I will come to speak at any gathering or location, including bookshops, libraries, groups, Ladyfests, Anarchist Bookfairs, community researchers, classes, whatever! I will need travel and accommodation covered if it is far from London. I will need a place where I can sell books. NB. Act now, my calendar gets full pretty quickly.

Loads of money, loads of time

Let's charter a yacht with a helipad and do a world tour. 

Don't know anyone

Get a copy of the book, read it in public and strike up a conversation with someone. Use the book as a cruising aid.

Know a few people

Buy and read the book and talk to your friends about it.

Invite your friends round to talk about the book, have a Fat Activist afternoon, make a zine together.

Know lots of people

Buy and read the book and tell everyone you know.

Tell me about people, events, places that would love to support this book.

Have a professional interest

Buy and read the book.

Invite me to speak. I will need travel and accommodation covered if you are far from London. If you are part of an institution that has funding, an endowment, resources, I would need you to pay for my labour, for which I have a sliding scale.

Get in touch if you are or know:
  • A fat-friendly journalist interested in writing or broadcasting about fat activism
  • An editor who wants to commission me to write about the book
  • Organisations that support work by small presses, that provide travel money for writers and activists, that support and disseminate research justice studies.
  • A health professional, an occupational therapist, a social worker who would like me to talk at their workplace
  • A teacher of any kind looking to teach the book, I can supply study questions
  • The hand-wringing boss of an obesity prevention NGO, a bariatric surgeon, the franchise holder of a diet company, or any other kind of tool of The Man. I am happy to show you what's what. It may sting a little but you could grow to like it.
To be continued!


Sleepydumpling said...

I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy, and I'll definitely blog about it once I've read it. I'll request it to be added to the collection at work as well (I'm a librarian btw!)

Dr Charlotte Cooper said...

Thank you very much!

Stefanie said...

If you email and offer a review copy to Esther Rothblum for the Fat Studies journal she will likely take you up on it and find a reviewer for it!

Dr Charlotte Cooper said...

Thanks S. That conversation has already happened, heh.