31 August 2015

SWAGGA film trailer and screening

SWAGGA is a dance that I danced and might dance again. It is also a group of people who enabled that dance to happen. Katarzyna Perlak is one of those people. She has been documenting SWAGGA's process through development and performance with her camera since the early days.

The material that Katarzyna has generated is forming the basis of a film, also called SWAGGA. There will be a screening of this film in London in a couple of weeks, details below. Please come.

Here is the trailer, feast your eyes!

SWAGGA - trailer. from Katarzyna Perlak on Vimeo.

Dancing for an audience is an intense experience. When I am performing I don't have much of an idea of how I look, I can't dance and be in the audience at the same time. I come from a culture where fat people are supposed to disown our bodies, this creates a lot of dissociation and so coming back into my own body is a regular thing for me. I feel very lucky to be able to see myself through Katarzyna's lens. Her images are reassuring, encouraging, exciting. Do I really look like that? Apparently so.