15 September 2014

Research: new book for Para-Academics

I am very proud to announce that I am part of The Para-Academic Handbook: A Toolkit for making-learning-creating-acting, edited by Alex Wardrop and Deborah Withers. It has just been published by HammerOn Press.

My chapter is about fat activist community research and is based on my No More Stitch-Ups! project.

This book is very important because it provides practical information and discussion about how people pushed out of ever-more expensive and exclusive higher education might develop their own scholarship. It is closely tied to Research Justice, and anti-oppressive theory and practice. It's about alternative possibilities for academia.

I think this has special relevance for people who want to develop work around fat. Many of us come from backgrounds where accessing academia is out of the question. Talking critically and radically about fat is still a tricky business in universities, I have known more than a few fat scholars who have found themselves at odds with unsympathetic supervisors and conservative departmental cultures. I hope that this book encourages more experimental risk-taking both within and beyond the ivory tower.

More information, including how to get hold of digital and paper copies, at HammerOn Press.


Sleepydumpling said...

I love that this has been created and I love that fat studies are part of it. I've been investigating whether or not I can get into academia over the past few weeks and sadly, financially it's just not possible for me. It has become so prohibitive for so many people to access tertiary education that not only are we losing a vast array of skill and knowledge from those locked out, but those who do get in are from such a narrow band of society that it is going to skew every field into the future.

I shall be doing my best to get my hands on a copy!

Dr Charlotte Cooper said...

Argh, I've been so slow to moderate this, apologies!

Thanks for this comment. I'm sorry education has been priced out of your reach. The academy should be falling over itself to find a place for you. THEIR LOSS. You're right that this narrows the kinds of knowledge that gets produced in universities. Small consolation: you are not alone. I'm sorry, it sucks.