03 December 2013

Hipsters flogging fat hate in San Francisco

A clothes shop in San Francisco is using fat abjection to sell their shit to sensitive hipsters. Pose with the ugly old fatty! The perfect seasonal InstagramTM! No plus sizes here!

I saw this mentioned on BoingBoing.net: Santa the Hutt: grotesque photo-op Santa. I don't know where the boxed text comes from, it's not on any of the links included in the article, perhaps it's a press release that BoingBoing has cut and pasted (oh, hello Churnalism). The fat Santa is referred to as grotesque, vile, gorged, too obese to move, slovenly, groaning, sweaty, a danger to elves! People are warned against getting too close to him and advised to disinfect and take penicillin afterwards.

Apparently the shop is trying to use disgusting deathfat to make an important and serious statement about overconsumption. Yeah chinstrokers, retailers on the make with cheap hate-gags know all about greed and overconsumption. If you find any of their fatphobic stereotyping offensive then you obviously have no sense of humour.

I'm wondering if there are any Bay Area fat activists who'd like to head over to this store, Betabrand on Valencia, and tell them where to shove their fat hatred.

By the way, for all the critical reporting they do about science, no-nonsense coverage of digital justice, and general championing of activism and weirdness, it's a shame that BoingBoing has never really got it together in their treatment of fat. You'd think they'd be gagging for a subject that frequently exposes shitty science, corporate greed, life-hacking and oddball subcultures. Sad.

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Megan Cao said...

UGHHHHH. The westernized stereotype of the Overeating Fat Person is a corporate threat and marketing strategy now?
Such idiot.
So offense.