10 January 2013

Anti-obesity campaigns: competitive dieting

I know every day brings the latest horror in relation to the misery of fat hatred, we're all horror-ed out, in a heightened state of panic and distress, and that's how it's supposed to be under the terms of the Obesity EpidemicTM. But there's always room for another serving of disgust so here’s some more of that latest, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, which reports that diet competitions at work are a growing trend.

Office Weight-Loss Contests Rise, Saboteurs and All

There is little of any coherence I can add to this article. Let's stop now. Let's drink some brandy together and give each other foot rubs to ease the pain. There is no longer a future for any of us, or our children, or their children. Team diet competitions at work, a growing trend in corporate America. Your body, your mind, those sacred things you thought would always be yours; relationships with people; your ability to be a useful person in the world; hope and hard work for a better future: it's all gone now. The Man has won.

I lie down, I die quietly and without fuss.


Kerri said...

I cry.

Tempest Nightingale LeTrope said...

Several times a year, the damn "Weight Watchers at Work" posters crop up on the community bulletin boards. While the company I work for does not discriminate when it comes to giving raises or promotions, they do march to the piper's tiresome notes of "weight loss uber alles."

dee.calarco said...

This is nothing new. The company I was working for at the time did this in 1994. I just regret that I didn't volunteer to track regain, and start a betting pool based on it.

Charlotte Cooper said...

Tempest, sorry to hear it.

Dee, if only it not being new was a comfort.

Sleepydumpling said...

It was less than a week into the new year when the "team fitness challenge" started. I opted out, was berated by the "organiser" for being difficult because "it's just a bit of friendly fun, tailored to each person" and since have had to sit through this woman bullying and badgering each and every colleague with "What have you done? You could do more! That's cheating!"

How long until people get jack of it and tell her to back off? I can't, because according to the non-fatties of my office, I have "an agenda".


Dr Charlotte Cooper said...

Horror. I'm so sorry. Too right you have an agenda - not to buy into this nonsense. Stay strong.