06 June 2011

Diet Songs: Diet Coke

The peculiar chemical aftertaste in Diet Coke makes me feel like throwing up. My lived experience of drinking this product couldn't be further away from the images used to promote it: fun-loving skinny people larking around on the beach, in the case of this vintage jingle. Come to think of it, I can't recall a Diet Coke advertising campaign that hasn't been wholly gross, I have to look away every time those Sex and The City style office girl marionettes are on the box, for example. Ugh, puppets and their tippity-tappity little feet. Nightmare.

I tried to sing this Diet Song with passion, like Diet Pepsi, and Tab, the originals are a crescendo of mass hysteria. I wonder if anyone fainted when it was recorded. Unfortunately it's hard to replicate that sound in my front room in rainy East London, my range is, frankly, limited, and Simon lacks the technical resources to make us sound like a chorus of Diet Coke junkies screaming for our lives. So we've just plodded and muddled our way through, which is a lot like how it feels to drink a revoltingly nausea-inducing Diet Coke.

Diet Songs: Diet Coke by Charlotte Cooper + Simon Murphy (.mp3, 896kb)

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