08 July 2010

Goodbye Change4Life?

Great news! No more government cash will be given to the execrable Change4Life programme. It's the silver lining in the otherwise terrible new British government's campaign of funding cuts.

Terrible news! It will now be privately funded and become even more of a hideous train wreck of fat hatred than before.

Obesity marketing campaign 'cut'

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Emerald said...

Oh, yay! No more of those annoying posters with multi-colored jelly babies sporting 'Give Peas a Chance' (sic) signs that confront me every time I walk in my doctor's surgery.

Just hope NICE don't replace it with something even more patronising. I'm already planning not to go for my over-40s 'health MOT' which, the letter informs me, features height, weight and waist measurements. If any of my doctors thought those had anything to do with my health, they'd surely have mentioned it sometime in the last ten years, right?