16 July 2009

Fat Flesh Mob Appears on Rocky Steps, Philadelphia

The Fattest Day of The Summer took place in Philadelphia on 11 July and consisted of a Rad Fatty Flesh Mob at the Philadelphia Art Museum, on the Rocky Steps no less!

The organisers explained: "The idea is that we'll gather at the Philadelphia Art Museum, and scantily/flashily/fabulously clad self-identified fat folks will run, walk, skip, waddle, ride, saunter, sashay, etc. their way to the top of the famous stairs, Rocky style. Fat folks who don’t do stairs can be waiting at the top for the mob. All of this while allies are cheering, holding signs, and handing out fat liberation literature. This action is going to be filmed for our fat queer documentary. The key word here is FLASH, this is going to be very quick so don’t be late or you’ll miss all of the fun."

The Fattest Day continued with a barbeque and a dance party fundraiser for the documentary. Hopefully we'll hear more about that in due course.

Shoog McDaniel took a great set of photographs of the flesh mob, including the one above. Have a look at the Facebook Album if you can, though this might be friends-locked. You could also have a look at Steve Boyle's footage on YouTube.


MigiziNse-ikwe said...

The photos on facebook are really inspiring! I love the sign "Lose HATE not WEIGHT". I think that's just become my logo for the day.

Deborah said...

Kyle Cassidy has some great photos here too

(igrore the comments they quickly diverged into "but fat isnt healthy" conversation)

Charlotte Cooper said...

Migiz - yeah!

Thanks for the link Deborah.