10 August 2008

Venus of Willendorf discovered 100 years ago

Belated birthday wishes to the Venus of Willendorf, unearthed in Austria 100 years ago.

At 25,000 years old, the Venus is proof that humanity knew what a fat woman looked like at pretty much the dawn of time. To my mind she says pfffft! to the idea that obesity is a modern scourge.

I had the good fortune to visit the Naturhistorische Museum in Vienna a few years ago, and to see the Venus for myself. I am possibly one of the least woo-woo people on the planet, but the experience was very moving and validating, I'd even say it was spiritual if I believed in that kind of thing. The museum shop is also pretty hot, with a ton of Venus-related gewgaws at very reasonable prices, hehe.

Anyway, 2008 is Venus year, the museum has a load of stuff planned for it, check it out, if you can.

This reminds me that it would be interesting to compile a series of travel spots, significant places for fat people. A pilgrimage to see the Venus is one possibility, but what about Western Samoa and Nauru, where, according to this rubbish article the slender have been driven almost to extinction, or a holiday in Newham, my home borough, which happens to be the fattest place in London. A visit to Maldon could also be included, the town has several sights commemorating Edmund Bright, there's even a road named after him. Kitsch fans might want to check out Elvis' kitchen at Graceland (seen it!), or maybe Cass Elliott's floral kaftans, which must surely be on display somewhere.

Any other suggestions?

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